segunda-feira, junho 13, 2011

The eyes of Cassini at Saturn

This video shows the views of Cassini when visiting Saturn. The style looks like old science fiction movies with a mysterious ambiance reinforced by the background music.

terça-feira, maio 24, 2011

Aperiodic crystal

This is a characteristic that Schrodinger predicted for DNA as the support of genetic information, published in the seminal book "What is life?". This book was based on Schrodinger's lectures at the Trinity College in Dublin in 1943, before the discover of the molecular structure of DNA!
There is a Portuguese translation: Schrödinger, Erwin. O que é a vida? Espírito e matéria. trad. M. L. Pinheiro. Lisboa: Fragmentos, 1989.

segunda-feira, maio 23, 2011

High throughput approach on chromatin dynamics

Check this link for a paper on FAIRE, an approach that reveals the open chromatin (non-condensed with histones), which is available for interaction with proteins that control gene expression.

segunda-feira, abril 11, 2011

Northern Blot

The complete process of this very long protocol to remember in our practical and theoretical-practical classes.

domingo, março 20, 2011

Scitable: expand your learning experience

Bookmark this site and browse its contents. Clear, short easy to read articles on several topics of biology (including genetic expression). You can even engage in networking with students around the world.

In addition, a very useful topic on scientific communication that will help you to improve your communication skills. This is almost as much important as obtaining good experimental data!

sexta-feira, março 18, 2011

Topoisomerases and DNA winding and unwinding

Although this example refers to replication, it fits perfectly to transcription. Note that when in the video it is asked "How does DNA solve this knotty problem?", the author should have posted something like "How is the problem solved?". I mean, how does DNA knows that there is a problem and how does DNA decides to solve the problem? It is just a molecule! What they should have said is that evolution provided mechanisms that solve the problem of torsional tension (winding and unwinding) of DNA during replication and transcription.